My Terms of Use - presets

TERMS OF USE – Personal Use (presets)
© Studio Romy

Thank you for downloading/purchasing my product!
All graphics were created by Studio Romy. All rights reserved.

By purchasing or downloading you agree with this term of use.

You MAY, for your personal use only:

  • use the preset on your personal photos
  • publish or upload your photos to online galleries or blogs but you MUST give credit to Studio Romy


  • claim my products as your own
  • share or sell my preset
  • offer it as a freebie

I hope you will have fun working with my graphics!
Thank you for respecting my Terms of Use.

  1. I am considering purchasing your BW Sketch preset. I have CS6 and ACR7; however, in your description, you say that ACR cannot open JPEG files. I open JPEGs in ACR all the time so I'm wondering if this is just something to do with your product. Can you tell me if this can be used to process JPEGs in ACR7?

  2. I love your American Classic for PSE I hope to see