Friday, January 30, 2015

mscraps FB/bloghop stops here *** PU only ***

Mscraps birthday train is rollin'!!!

If you are here for the Mscraps Birthday FB/bloghop, you should have come from the blog of our lovely Liz (forum name Sexy__Eyes).

After you download my freebie, you should continue to Mscraps FB page to collect the last part of the freebie train.

Here is my contribution:

Enjoy the freebie!!

If you get lost for some reason, you will always find a "map" of our treasure hunt in the forum HERE.

And a preview of you've been collecting:

PU means Personal Use if you are wondering  :-)
I say that because Mscraps is having a baby-bloghop with Commercial Use freebies as well (you can find my contribution in the post below this one). 
Yes, my CU part is available for download as well, the CU license allows the use for your personal needs. If you are not sure, my TOUs for both PU and CU are listed on the bottom of this blog.
  1. Thank you for your lovely contribution to this beautiful kit!

  2. Thank you for your pretty contribution.

  3. Thank you so much, Romy! Your part is beautiful. Love those flowers. The color palette for this train is spectacular! The train was fun!

  4. Thanks for your part, like the brush and the ribbon.

  5. Thanks so much Romy ! Great parts of the hops.

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely part of Blog hop

  7. Thank you so much Romy! So beautiful!

  8. Thank you for both the CU and PU parts... I love your grunge/distressed papers.

  9. Lovely colors!!! Love the splat!!! The flowers are lovely!! Fantastic papers!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!