Sunday, November 22, 2015

Oscraps bloghop

Thank you for stopping by! Are you having fun collecting the parts?  :-D

You should have come here from Nicole, of NBK Designs' blog and your next stop will be Sandrine's blog.

Here is my little freebie, I hope you'll like it. Click on the image to download.
I was inspired by the relaxed mood in the coffeeshops, washed-wood table tops, indie music and chatting over a cup of my favorite coffee drink - whole milk latte...always whole milk  :-)

Don't forget my shop is 40% off (bundles and new products excluded)!

If you get lost somewhere on the way come to this thread in Oscraps forum for the full list of participants.

Monday, June 29, 2015

unique collection

I know I haven't been very active lately, enjoying two weeks of vacation in Italy and finally finishing my latest bundle, inspired by mixed media art and derived from my artwork.

So here is Unique, available as a kit and word art, or both bundled together.

Unique - kit
available at Mscraps and Oscraps

Friday, March 6, 2015

more painterly fun and veneer bits

Another set of "painterly textures", plus a set of woody accents are coming to my stores.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

march bloom

After some time, I am participating again at Memory Mix at Mscraps (I just loved the colors!) - color coordinated group of products from various designers - you can mix your own collection!

I have 3 products in the category, and as with all Memory Mix packs, they will be discounted for one week. There won't be a newsletter coupon for these because it's impossible to beat $1 and $2 prices.  :-D

This set is inspired by trees in bloom, with lovely woody accents.

Friday, January 30, 2015

mscraps blog/Fb train *** CU ***

It is the time again!!  Mscraps is celebrating its birthday with two blog/FB hops!!

For the Commercial Use train, you should have come here from the Facebook page of Sekada Design. If you like my part, you can download it by clicking on the preview.
This is a limited commercial use product, for small businesses, please check my CU TOU before you download.

The whole freebie you are collecting looks pretty, doesn't it? :-)

My contribution:

This is the last stop of the CU train, I hope you will enjoy the freebies put together by our team.
The complete list of stops can be found HERE, in case you get lost.

If you are looking for my freebie that is for Personal Use only, scroll down to the post below this one.

mscraps FB/bloghop stops here *** PU only ***

Mscraps birthday train is rollin'!!!

If you are here for the Mscraps Birthday FB/bloghop, you should have come from the blog of our lovely Liz (forum name Sexy__Eyes).

After you download my freebie, you should continue to Mscraps FB page to collect the last part of the freebie train.

Here is my contribution:

Enjoy the freebie!!

If you get lost for some reason, you will always find a "map" of our treasure hunt in the forum HERE.

And a preview of you've been collecting:

PU means Personal Use if you are wondering  :-)
I say that because Mscraps is having a baby-bloghop with Commercial Use freebies as well (you can find my contribution in the post below this one). 
Yes, my CU part is available for download as well, the CU license allows the use for your personal needs. If you are not sure, my TOUs for both PU and CU are listed on the bottom of this blog.