Thursday, October 9, 2014

painterly textures vol. 1

My playing with acrylics turned out to be a great source of beautiful artistic elements which I can pass onto my customers. Like these textures which were derived from my latest work on canvas. I hope you'll like them!

You can find the textures at Mscraps or Oscraps.

I also have a limited commercial use version available at Mscraps and Oscraps. If you are unsure about the CU use, check my Terms Of Use before the purchase, the link is always included in the store descriptions of my products.

All versions are 20% off during the weekend and my subscribers can get an additional 10% discount by using the coupon 
P_text1_NWS or P_text1CU_NWS for the CU version.

I hope you will have a great weekend filled with realizing your creative ideas, I am spending mine at encaustic painting workshop.

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