Thursday, October 9, 2014

painterly textures vol. 1

My playing with acrylics turned out to be a great source of beautiful artistic elements which I can pass onto my customers. Like these textures which were derived from my latest work on canvas. I hope you'll like them!

You can find the textures at Mscraps or Oscraps.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

playing with acrylics

It's interesting how other media and even scrapbooking inspiration influence my perceiving the word around me. It was through my digital designing that I came to realization that I need to expand my skills. 
I needed realistically looking artistic elements and papers that would make you want to touch the screen of your monitor and feel the texture.
That's when I pulled out my old art supplies and started creating tangible creations.
I'm taking several lessons in acrylic medium at the same time, something like an intensive course. I feel like I'm absorbing the knowledge and tricks of trade not only visually, probably also through the pores of my skin!  :-) 
My art stash keeps growing and threatens to take over my office. I think my husband used words like "drown" and "obsession" but I don't remember exactly, my ears are usually shut when I'm painting.

Not afraid to try

Here are some of my "classwork" pieces from workshops by Julie Pritchard and Chis Cozen. Not everything that is given to me as an assignment is entirely my style but I like learning new things and expanding my creative possibilities. There are still pieces of me. :-)

lots of interesting blending for Layer Love 2 class

12" x 12", acrylic on gesso panel