Monday, March 17, 2014

loving encaustic

If you had a chance to read some of my interviews (Oscraps, RLS, Mscraps) you'd probably noticed this strange word I was using: "encaustic" or an expression like "painting with wax". I can't tell exactly how I discovered it but I'm sure it had to be the unusual texture, luminosity or floating colors that caught my eye. I took several classes only to find out more about it and here I am, establishing my own little studio!

The wax's been used for around 2000 years - first as a caulk by Greeks to seal their ships, and later as as a paint, but it was abandoned for the impracticality of maintaining the right temperature for heating the wax. For the past several decades though, it's been re-discovered as as artist medium again.

Using either a special (read expensive) heated palette or a pancake griddle, artists melt purified clear or pigmented beeswax which they apply to a variety of substrates - paper, wood, fabric, plastic - and further shape and mix with heating tools. By themselves or combined with oils, inks, other mixed media or real life objects, the encaustic paintings cause astonished gasps. I still do it whenever I see some of the pieces in FB groups or Pinterest.

These are my very first attempts from my classes with Suzanne Bell who definitely opened my eyes and caused me to frequent home improvement stores, scouting for texture tools  :-)

Check out more about this medium on my Encaustics Pinterest board.

6 x 6 
wood panel

Thursday, March 6, 2014

garden of delights

It's the first week of March - and the Spring is in full swing in my part of California. 

I knew I had to play with the colors assigned for this month, and I am sure you'll like them too - hopefully, they will (especially if you live in colder areas) bring some cheerful mood to you.

For the first time, Memory Mix products are being combined with Dollar Deals ($1 and $2 category) that were an enormous success during the Mscraps Birthday Bash in January.

So brace yourselves:  my packs (elements and papers) are both priced $2 for a week!! 
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