Thursday, February 20, 2014

bw Sketch preset

Hello, everybody,

A week ago, I came from a vacation in the beautiful Hawai'i, recharged, full of inspiration and 40GB of photos richer. I'm still trying to catch up with what happened in the digiworld during my "unplugged" time so not much time to design. I will share some of the photos later. Make sure you are subscribed to my PHOTOGRAPHY updates to receive newsletter about my photos!
(Below, you can find a link to manage your subscription preferences. I am not a professional photographer so you won't get pictures from some photo-shoot, of people you don't know in your newsletter. All photos are very personal to me, from my trips and travels only)

I have a new product though, and it touches both the world of digiscrapbooking and photography. Did you know I make presets for Lightroom and Camera Raw?
I am releasing today an unique and fun preset for creating sketch-like photos with a click of a button, called BW Sketch. There are 3 variations of the preset (3 for LR, 3 for ACR), more information and tips are in the product description in the store.

Here are some previews of what the preset does:

I have more exciting news I want to share but you will have to wait for the next newsletter.  :-)

If you take photos in the RAW format and use them in Photoshop and you'd like my preset, you can get an extra 10% on top of the "usual", new release 20% discount!
Use coupon  Sketch_pr_10  at checkout.

Have a great weekend!

  1. I purchased your new B&W Preset and am wondering if you could give some tutorials on using it. In your info you refer to an adjustment brush that can be used to "erase" areas that are too dark. Where do I find this brush? Also you say you can switch back to colour in the HSL/COLOR/B&W panel - where can I find this in ACR? I am using the preset in Camera Raw not Lightroom. Thanks for any help you can give me.