Thursday, October 9, 2014

painterly textures vol. 1

My playing with acrylics turned out to be a great source of beautiful artistic elements which I can pass onto my customers. Like these textures which were derived from my latest work on canvas. I hope you'll like them!

You can find the textures at Mscraps or Oscraps.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

playing with acrylics

It's interesting how other media and even scrapbooking inspiration influence my perceiving the word around me. It was through my digital designing that I came to realization that I need to expand my skills. 
I needed realistically looking artistic elements and papers that would make you want to touch the screen of your monitor and feel the texture.
That's when I pulled out my old art supplies and started creating tangible creations.
I'm taking several lessons in acrylic medium at the same time, something like an intensive course. I feel like I'm absorbing the knowledge and tricks of trade not only visually, probably also through the pores of my skin!  :-) 
My art stash keeps growing and threatens to take over my office. I think my husband used words like "drown" and "obsession" but I don't remember exactly, my ears are usually shut when I'm painting.

Not afraid to try

Here are some of my "classwork" pieces from workshops by Julie Pritchard and Chis Cozen. Not everything that is given to me as an assignment is entirely my style but I like learning new things and expanding my creative possibilities. There are still pieces of me. :-)

lots of interesting blending for Layer Love 2 class

12" x 12", acrylic on gesso panel

Thursday, September 4, 2014

new products

Many things happened since I last updated my poor, neglected blog. Mainly, I've been enjoying making various distress tools, like these Inky Scribbles vol. 1

Friday, May 2, 2014

mscraps blog train

It is this wonderful time of the year again and Mscraps is having a FB/blog hop! This is my stop and you are sincerely welcome to grab my part of the huge, free collab - Something Kinda Wonderful!

You should have come here from the talented Soco's blog.
If not, or if you get lost, you will find the list of stops HERE.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I am excited to present this unique collection coming to both my stores today - SENSES.I hope you will like it!
The main kit contains 53 unique elements, including 3 original digital elements,  hand-drawn by me,  and 12 papers.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

more gellin'

I never thought of myself as someone appreciating abstract art. It all changed with my starting designing. I wanted to make unique, interesting papers for my digital backgrounds so I went on an exciting journey to discover new mediums. My encaustic paintings and Gelli prints are the result of those creative explorations.

These Gelli prints were made to became digital art papers:

Monday, March 17, 2014

loving encaustic

If you had a chance to read some of my interviews (Oscraps, RLS, Mscraps) you'd probably noticed this strange word I was using: "encaustic" or an expression like "painting with wax". I can't tell exactly how I discovered it but I'm sure it had to be the unusual texture, luminosity or floating colors that caught my eye. I took several classes only to find out more about it and here I am, establishing my own little studio!

The wax's been used for around 2000 years - first as a caulk by Greeks to seal their ships, and later as as a paint, but it was abandoned for the impracticality of maintaining the right temperature for heating the wax. For the past several decades though, it's been re-discovered as as artist medium again.

Using either a special (read expensive) heated palette or a pancake griddle, artists melt purified clear or pigmented beeswax which they apply to a variety of substrates - paper, wood, fabric, plastic - and further shape and mix with heating tools. By themselves or combined with oils, inks, other mixed media or real life objects, the encaustic paintings cause astonished gasps. I still do it whenever I see some of the pieces in FB groups or Pinterest.

These are my very first attempts from my classes with Suzanne Bell who definitely opened my eyes and caused me to frequent home improvement stores, scouting for texture tools  :-)

Check out more about this medium on my Encaustics Pinterest board.

6 x 6 
wood panel

Thursday, March 6, 2014

garden of delights

It's the first week of March - and the Spring is in full swing in my part of California. 

I knew I had to play with the colors assigned for this month, and I am sure you'll like them too - hopefully, they will (especially if you live in colder areas) bring some cheerful mood to you.

For the first time, Memory Mix products are being combined with Dollar Deals ($1 and $2 category) that were an enormous success during the Mscraps Birthday Bash in January.

So brace yourselves:  my packs (elements and papers) are both priced $2 for a week!! 
Save 50% and 40% instantly, no coupon needed!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

bw Sketch preset

Hello, everybody,

A week ago, I came from a vacation in the beautiful Hawai'i, recharged, full of inspiration and 40GB of photos richer. I'm still trying to catch up with what happened in the digiworld during my "unplugged" time so not much time to design. I will share some of the photos later. Make sure you are subscribed to my PHOTOGRAPHY updates to receive newsletter about my photos!
(Below, you can find a link to manage your subscription preferences. I am not a professional photographer so you won't get pictures from some photo-shoot, of people you don't know in your newsletter. All photos are very personal to me, from my trips and travels only)

I have a new product though, and it touches both the world of digiscrapbooking and photography. Did you know I make presets for Lightroom and Camera Raw?
I am releasing today an unique and fun preset for creating sketch-like photos with a click of a button, called BW Sketch. There are 3 variations of the preset (3 for LR, 3 for ACR), more information and tips are in the product description in the store.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

mscraps birthday bash

The festivities at Mscraps are on! The whole store is 40% off and I have a nice bunch of products in the $1 category including two new products:

 Journaling Life - design 6
Journaling Life - design 2 Sea Foam - papers

Thursday, January 9, 2014

sea foam and calendar cards

How is your start of the 2014?

I had great time working on my part for this month's Memory Mix at Mscraps, such a beautiful color combo!!
With Memory Mix (MM), you can make your own collab by mixing various packs created by Mscraps designers, all in the same color palette. All MM products are initially discounted 20% off during the first week after the release. It you spend $15 or more on the MM products, than the discount increases to 30%.

I have a set of papers, elements and pretty overlays, inspired by the mysterious, wild beauty of Pacific Ocean which washes the shores of (my) California.