Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rolled Masks 1

If you like masks like I do then you will find this set of Rolled Masks 1, coming to Mscraps today, very useful.
They are dense enough to provide a good base for photos and still suitable for use as overlays.
It will be, as usual for new releases, 20% off the regular price.

Reminder: storewide sales at Mscraps will be extended till November 8, 2013, so you can still take advantage of the 40% discount on all my products (except for this new set of masks).

TIPS  (for using masks as overlays in Photoshop):

  • - Clip a paper (for example) to the mask as you would do with a photo. Apply a blending mode to your liking.
  • - Another option is to color the mask - I suggest adding Solid Color adjustment layer above the mask and clipped to the mask - and then to try various blending modes. You can change the color in the adjustment layer (Solid Color) to "fine-tune" the effect.

Here is some great inspiration from the talented CT:

Have a great, scrappy weekend!!  :-)


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