Monday, September 23, 2013

a chance to win september mist

My newest baby (yes I love the kits I make that much, lol) - September Mist.

Where I live, September feels almost like Summer, only with nights considerably colder. From Europe, I remember (occasional) beautiful hazy mornings, the sun seemingly shy to pierce though the fog.

If you take time to leave a comment with a couple of words about what a September looks like where you are, you can win this kit. Multiply your chances by doing the same on my Facebook page or at Mscraps.
I'll pick one winner Thursday morning (PST).

  1. Love these colours! Here, September means it's starting to get a little cooler but it doesn't really look like "autumn" yet with changing leaves and such.

  2. mám moc ráda září a podzim vůbec - už kvůli těm barvám a kvůli příjemnému počasí, vůně listí, jablek... a taky jsou dýně na moji oblíbenou polévku :D

  3. Japan has intense temperature difference of the night and day.
    But autumn flowers bloom, and I feel autumn surely.
    And, very beautiful color .... I love your design! Thank you for the chance to win! :)

  4. Looks a very nice kit! Here, September means misty mornings but fine late-summer days with a pleasant temperature.

    1. Congratulations, Lisette, you'll have the chance to play with the September Mist!!
      Send me an email with your address (click on one of the orange buttons below the header image) so I can send you your coupon!

  5. This morning, when I went to work the sun was shining through the fog
    In the late afternoon, when I left work it was as the summer
    It's the september of France

    Thank you for the chance

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