Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the things we do to take a picture

I'm sharing pictures from a recent trip to Lundy Canyon in Eastern Sierra Nevada range. 
 I have never seen a beaver dam and here they were everywhere!. My husband loves to make 360˚ panoramic pictures and too often I watch him with knots in my stomach on some high spot, turning around as he takes photos. Spots like this include a cliff, a high rock or a top of a beaver dam - as in this case:

If you drag slowly toward the bottom of the window, you'll see me in action :-)
(don't forget to zoom in or out to get a different view)

and here is another 360:

some creations by master beavers

  1. the place is ujust fabulous you know.
    That's a super idea how your husband took the 360° picture ! Is he doing that with a "normal" digital camera ? I like it !