Tuesday, May 1, 2012

my golden poppy quest

There are about 10 known locations in California where you can find great fields of Golden Poppy (state flower), worth taking photos. I opted for Bear Valley in Northern California, about 80 mins drive from me. I was hoping to try our 17mm Tilt-Shift lens. Those are optimized for f/16 and higher and with tilt functions I could have an image sharp from 0 to almost infinity. COULD.

I drove through the valley which is beautiful itself, only no signs of the poppies. Eventually, I had to turn back because the roads were extremely bumpy and I couldn't bear the suffering my dear car was going through anymore.

Well, here is what I found instead of the fields of gold:
(can you tell I have a tendency to apply photo treatment to any rustic or vintage photo?)

processed with my preset Sweet Brown
(not yet published)

processed with my LR preset Smitten
(not yet published)

used my preset American Classic
(free here on my blog)

processed with HDR Pro by Nik Software


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