Sunday, April 1, 2012

letter art at mscraps

Guess who is hosting the Photographic Challenge this month?

It's about finding letters of alphabet around us, to train our eyes to see those hidden forms in everything around us. Don't get discouraged by my example - I collected my letters in Paris, two years ago. Yours may be waiting in your garden, the mall or streets of your town.

Lifetime by Meta Wulandari
Decorated Corners by Heather T.

You may find it not easy but hey, it wouldn't be a challenge, wouldn't it?

I found that B&W composed words look better than in color, but who am I to judge everyone's taste? So go and look here for some great examples by our Creative Team members or if you don't want to participate there, I invite you to share your creations with links here!

  • Did I mention that for participating in Mscraps challenges you get points and for each 20 points you get a $10 gift certificate to the store?????? 

HERE is a site with a lot of examples of letters.

Have fun!

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