Thursday, March 1, 2012

January photowalk in San Francisco

I was still in the middle of processing and digesting photos from our previous trip when I decided to drag James Bond (code name for my husband) and myself to San Francisco. According to the Weather Channel, the weather was supposed to be clear after a couple days of rain.

I made a map of interesting locations (enter Google Maps) and I did walk  and walk until I exhausted my battery and realized I didn't have a spare one. I bought a cheap and crappy universal charger in Chinatown and sat for an hour at a nearby Starbucks a charged and charged. Then I continued my (evening already) explorations.

I had lots of fun walking by myself (James Bond decided to wait out my exploring of the city at some coffee shop) and got some nice shots. I even didn't notice my fingers and toes freezing. As a cherry on the pie, I managed a great night shot from one of the piers by Bay Bridge. When I came to the spot, I was disappointed to see a couple on the pier but they turned out to be a wonderful point of interest in my shot.
For this photo, I took 3 bracketed exposures, each around 30 seconds and as you can see, there is not much blur around those two people - they barely moved, embraced.

rest of the photos HERE.

Studio Romy preset Fantasy