Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Zealand photos

I'm finally getting close to having my photos from our January trip sorted, GPS tagged, and somewhat processed. Simultaneously, I am proccessing my mental images from this beautiful country, who knows how long THAT's gonna take!

(more photos)
Abundant EVERYWHERE! Sitting, laying, huddling together - they will forever be one of three things which would pop in my mind when you say New Zealand. They seemed a bit afraid and curious at the same time. Whenever we stopped on the side of the road they would scatter very quickly, then paused and watched. Their hair is very greasy, even that of little baby lamb.
Did you know that there is more sheep in NZ than people? Surprisingly, it's not easy to find lamb on menus in restaurants, supposedly the meat is expensive there.

Probably the most recognized symbol of the country. You could find the fern logo on merchandise, guides, on company logos, etc...
Some fern grows tall, into graceful and mysterious plants, which you could easily mistaken for palm trees. Others can be really small, showing funny, caterpillar-like spirals. Add deep green moss, covering the ground like a carpet, fallen logs and even tall trees. 


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