Thursday, February 16, 2012

My challenge pages

Our Birthday Party at Mscraps was truly a fabulous and massive event. Here are my pages I made for some of the games.

template by Elisa (zizazzi)
Me Do It, Alpha Buttons by Heather T.
Forever Yours by Anita and Deca Designs

From Me To You by Dunia

This Is You
Typically You by Erica Zwart and Val C.

Goodies at Mscraps

I would really be able to keep up and post on time! Here are some of new (or a bit older) kits by Heather T.:

my page Sweet Talk
(I also used kit Jump)

and last week it was Watermarked 3 and Watermarked 4

 There Comes A Moment
Heather T.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rice paddies in Sacramento

We've been passing Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area since...forever. It's right by I-80, the main highway connecting  Northern California and Nevada. Some waterfowl and herons are still there, seemingly oblivious to the traffic right next to them. When they leave, the fields will be turned back into rice fields - paddies. What a pretty thing to photograph during sunset, right?

Photos on Picasa.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

More pictures from New Zealand

I've been massively uploading and flooding friends and family with more photos because I can't just keep those to myself. Only separating the whole chunk of my memories into thematic albums allows me to show them as they deserve. 
I am not showcasing my photography skills but merely sharing the breathtaking beauty of the country.

More photos from Fiordlands, the coast, and urban-like pictures on my Picasa website.

The Fiordlands are a region where you could spend 2 months wondering around with your mouth open. I can only recommend cruises in Doubtful and Milford Sound (even though we strongly dislike organized tourism), especially the overnight trip in Milford Sound, which will occupy #1 spot among our activities in Fiordlands. 
I can't tell much about the West Coast of South Island, we only stopped for night in Franz Josef Glacier area, as we were heading south towards the Fiordlands.

Catlins Coast (south of the South) welcomed us with extremely windy and chilly weather, nevertheless, forest hikes around waterfalls, gorgeous coastal scenery and wildlife made up for it! Even for a terrible hostel in Owaka and the rain!

There was no time to place a rose by the ruined cathedral in Christchurch, as instructed by my friend Suzie, we only had 25 min to get to the airport from the downtown.
We certainly did rush through many places!

Doubtful Sound, Fiordlands
South Island

Pancake Rocks, Punakaiki,
South Island

Abel Tasman coast, near Nelson
South Island

Milford Sound
(Fiordlands, South Island)

First Church Of Otago, Dunedin
South Island (west coast)

Cathedral Caves, Catlins Coast
South Island

Friday, February 3, 2012

New layouts for new releases

Lots of nice kits were released today (that means 20% off) at Mscraps. Here are some I worked with:

by Pink Poppy Press (formerly Joyce Paul) - set of brushes Brushes And Stamps 1 and 2

my page Raindrop
(also used Forever Yours by Anita and Deca designs)
which got GSO at Me So Scrappy

Beauty Captured
used Pink Poppy Press Brushes And Stamps 1
and Captured by iScrap

Watermarked 1 by Heather T

Breakfast By The Pool
other kit used - Boy Oh Boy, also by Heather T.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Zealand photos

I'm finally getting close to having my photos from our January trip sorted, GPS tagged, and somewhat processed. Simultaneously, I am proccessing my mental images from this beautiful country, who knows how long THAT's gonna take!

(more photos)
Abundant EVERYWHERE! Sitting, laying, huddling together - they will forever be one of three things which would pop in my mind when you say New Zealand. They seemed a bit afraid and curious at the same time. Whenever we stopped on the side of the road they would scatter very quickly, then paused and watched. Their hair is very greasy, even that of little baby lamb.
Did you know that there is more sheep in NZ than people? Surprisingly, it's not easy to find lamb on menus in restaurants, supposedly the meat is expensive there.

Probably the most recognized symbol of the country. You could find the fern logo on merchandise, guides, on company logos, etc...
Some fern grows tall, into graceful and mysterious plants, which you could easily mistaken for palm trees. Others can be really small, showing funny, caterpillar-like spirals. Add deep green moss, covering the ground like a carpet, fallen logs and even tall trees.