Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sea Ranch

The area of this coastal region is really interesting. Due to very strict, environmentally conscious building code, the houses appear inconspicuous, as if blending into the surroundings - which is the intention after all. The style is not something appealing to me but the fact, that the houses fit in so well, is.

The walk along the ragged shore is nothing short of spectacular. Galleries in local town Gualala boast stunning photographs from locate artists - old barns, fences or mysterious forest. Truly a feast for the eyes!

Four days were not enough for me to take pictures I wanted.

More Photos HERE.

processed with my LR preset Vintage Garden, available under "Freebies"

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  1. Your photos are magical Romy! I loved each one of them! ♥ Thank you for making us dream!
    (I can't wait to see your new preset! You know I'm your fan number 1! :) )