Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trip to Bodega Bay

The sole purpose of the trip was to put some miles on my husband's new Ducati bike before its scheduled service, model name: Diavel. Very comforting, right? For the peace of mind (meaning that I'm jealous of his new love and wouldn't let him go by himself!), I decided to follow my jet-lagged dear one in the car.

The first stop was one of our favorite Napa wineries (name Sattui), for lunch and some nice Cabernet Sauvignon. Responsibly, we persuaded a couple of young ladies from Canada to share a half of our bottle with us to ease our alcoholic load for the rest of the journey.

We arrived to Bodega Bay just in time to admire the sunset on the coast which, this time of the year, is more than enjoyable. The next day, my rider outbraved thick coastal fog and we drove back to the wine country for more tasting and then home.

Photos HERE.

my husband's new love

morning in the marina

leaving the fog behind

  1. Gorgeous photos as usual! Thank you for sharing them, Romy! Hugs!