Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trip to Lake Aloha

My third trip to the lake. Each time we took a differnet route. Each time, my feet were blistered the same.

 High points:
 - Pacific Crest Trail looks like a highway, really. I said "Hi" so many times! It's easier on the way down, though.
- It's not an easy trail, I was surprised to see so many people of all ages and sizes!!
 - I have never seen it so full before, and with snow around! Beautiful!
- not much to add, besides the fact that I took some nice photos.

The rest of the photos are HERE

Upper Echo Lake

rock formation by Lake Aloha

Lake Aloha

Lake Aloha again

Upper Echo Lake

a bonus on the way home

  1. Oh Romy! What a beautiful place! And your photos are wonderful as usual! Thank you!!!