Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Fourth

Is it not too late to post photos from the 4th of July?   :-)
We spent about 5 days at Lake Tahoe with friends, celebrating, eating and the usual stuff. Hiking on the snow (partially). Well... walking, Gino the Westie has short limbs.

The Incline Village Beach was packed with people of the fourth and so was the entry to the water - with boats! Here is an idea: drive a boat 3-4 hours (for some) and park it at the beach, together with hundreds of others doing the same. They would have to drag me to be there…we only stopped to say hi to our friends who didn't mind the the sandwich situation.

We ate lake trout cooked within 3 hours after being caught. Bliss!

Photos HERE.

4th of July classic

our Swedish friends

dinner that took well over 2 hours

Emerald Bay

  1. It's never too late and this is just gorgeous! The photos are amazing as usual and I love how you enjoyed the moment!

  2. always a pleasure to come here and to see how you enjoy your life.
    (I especially like the third picture)