Sunday, June 12, 2011

Red, White And Blue

I wanted to share with you two layouts from Heather's new kit Red, White And Blue.
I think the elements she made, using her own papers, then cut in her die-cut machine, assembled and scanned again, are exquisite, something very unique, love them!!

Here is the pretty tricolor kit:

and my layouts:
On this page (above), I used a photo from Virginia City. It is a picturesque town in Nevada, not too far from Lake Tahoe. Its main street looks about the same as it did in 1860 - saloons, little shops, the place where Mark Twain started writing... 
 it's extremely popular among Harley Davidson bikers - the nice kind - and it is some sight: the main street lined with about a hundred of bikes, like during Street Vibrations (bikers event in Reno, NV) or on the 4th of July- and yes, DH has a HD but he is not a typical HD biker - he's skinny, no beard, short hair and only rides in good weather :-))
 (photos from Virginia City HERE.

skiing in Obertauern, Austria

  1. Hahaha! Love that comment about the weather... Did you know that I rode a bike as my only form of transportation for 8 years? I had a little Suzuki 350, but I took loooong trips on it.

  2. beautiful layouts, Romy. the second one is my favourite. :)

  3. Love your layouts! The colors of this beatiful kit were perfect for your photos in both of them!