Sunday, April 17, 2011

When the light is right and introducing a new category: Freebies

Giddy as a little girlie, I was. I applied a Lightroom preset (my own)  the photo and I knew right there that it's gonna work really well with the colors I was using in the layout. I just loved the light.

I MUST add here that the photo is a snapshot from an old scanned video from 1992, which I salvaged. Jagged edges, visible horizontal might remember before-High-Definition era... no? :-)

I received lots of nice comments about how sweet and peaceful the picture is. Well, what you don't see there is terrible mess around, you don't hear the thumping of little hands and knees, yes, knees...can you imagine babies actually running when crawling???
I wanted to document that  peaceful moment when all the growling, squealing and thumping ceased...and all I could hear was barely distinguishable gulps and labored breathing...  :-)

kit 3PM - by Heather T (Mscraps)

I used my Lightroom preset on this photo, Day By The Coast, available HERE. The folder contains both Lightroom (.lrtemplate) and Adobe Camera Raw (.xmp) versions.
If you need help installing the preset look HERE.

  1. *smiles* And that makes it even more of a great photo, that you could really narrow it down to the essence of the moment!

    Wish I had lightroom so i could use your freebie... you're so sweet to offer it up! =)

  2. What a beautiful page and lovely photo Romy! It's so sweet indeed!!! Thank you for the preset, I can't wait to try it! :) Hugs!

  3. me again, grabbing this one as well!! trying them all out tonight!!! that page is simply GORGEOUS sweetie!!!! - Onaxx

  4. Aha! Thanks for the link to the installation tutorial, that helped a lot. There's now a big fat StudioRomy folder under Presets. Thanks so much for sharing these! =)