Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sea of Lavender

I am fortunate to have two kinds of lavender in my garden. One of them is in full bloom at the moment. I already spent considerable time just sitting next to it, on a concrete platform that serves as a carport and is surrounded by sakura trees, spiraea and lavender. Beautiful color combination - dark burgundy, orange and violet!

Did you know that lavender can sing?
Hum, actually. Fascinated, I watch crowds of bees incessantly visiting one blossom after another, their legs heavy with sticky mix of pollen and nectar...what an arduous job!!

I made several observations about bees:

  •      - they tend not to stay in one focal plane from my camera, making the task of focusing my photos nigh impossible
  •      - they are truly hardworking, and how on Earth do they clean their legs?
  •      - they disperse when I approach any shrub they are currently "working on", I feel unwelcome
  •      - I don't think they are aware of their ability to pollenate and to make various products someone else profits from. That's some serious copyright violation
  •      - buzzing of bees makes me happy and hyper and want to do something

I played with various settings - a) manual focus to fixed distance, plus higher aperture value or greater depth of field, b) aperture priority was doing what it could and I was trying to focus. Silly bees wouldn't stay in one place!! Surprisingly, I managed to get better shots using the method b.

  1. Never mind. Way cool BEES! *lol*

  2. lavender is my fave ... especially as an essential oil .... wonderful photos Romy