Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quiet Play

I am behind in posting my layouts. We had friends over who were moving from California to Ohio; they were supposed only to stop here and say good bye. Unfortunately, their fully loaded 27 ft long Budget truck was not up to the task of crossing 8000 ft mountains in a speed higher than 10 miles per hour and they were "stranded" in our house for two days while Budget was trying to find new truck for them and reload all the stuff.
Just guess: do you think it's easy to find pro-movers on Saturday? Think twice. Do you think the pro-movers can fit all the stuff you carefully pack into the new truck? Yeah, sure!
Well, as of today, our friends are safely in Nevada with 2000 more miles yet to be covered.

I would like to share my layout I made with a new kit by Heather T., just released at Mscraps: Quiet Play.

  1. Oooh, I hope your friends are ok, and you're not too frazzled! And thank you for such a beautiful layout!