Friday, April 29, 2011

Alpha Templates

It's been hectic at Mscraps, finishing preparations for iNSD and new monthly challenges...and on the top of that: new goodies at the store!

I made two pages with Alpha Templates (Heather T.)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are you ready for INSD?

Mscraps is gonna be the place to go for the celebration of Inter(National) Scrapbooking Day during the weekend of May 6 to May 7. Tons of games and prizes and most importantly, lots of fun!

If you are not a subscriber to Mscraps newsletter yet or you don't want to miss the fun, subscribe here.
You'll receive this beautiful, huge store collab for free if you subscribe before May 26, 2011!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Times from Heather and a template freebie!

Yummy colors announcing: "Summer is close!" in the new kit Happy Times, by Heather T., available at Mscraps.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grand Opening

Sorry, no...I'm not opening a store or something (giggle)!
Grand Opening is a title of my latest page (mostly Anna Aspnes stuff at Designer Digitals):

I found a small tree covered in flowers that I never noticed before. Can't tell you the name. Dogwood?
Here it is how the blossom looks when closed.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

When the light is right and introducing a new category: Freebies

Giddy as a little girlie, I was. I applied a Lightroom preset (my own)  the photo and I knew right there that it's gonna work really well with the colors I was using in the layout. I just loved the light.

I MUST add here that the photo is a snapshot from an old scanned video from 1992, which I salvaged. Jagged edges, visible horizontal might remember before-High-Definition era... no? :-)

I received lots of nice comments about how sweet and peaceful the picture is. Well, what you don't see there is terrible mess around, you don't hear the thumping of little hands and knees, yes, knees...can you imagine babies actually running when crawling???
I wanted to document that  peaceful moment when all the growling, squealing and thumping ceased...and all I could hear was barely distinguishable gulps and labored breathing...  :-)

kit 3PM - by Heather T (Mscraps)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sea of Lavender

I am fortunate to have two kinds of lavender in my garden. One of them is in full bloom at the moment. I already spent considerable time just sitting next to it, on a concrete platform that serves as a carport and is surrounded by sakura trees, spiraea and lavender. Beautiful color combination - dark burgundy, orange and violet!

Did you know that lavender can sing?
Hum, actually. Fascinated, I watch crowds of bees incessantly visiting one blossom after another, their legs heavy with sticky mix of pollen and nectar...what an arduous job!!

I made several observations about bees:

  •      - they tend not to stay in one focal plane from my camera, making the task of focusing my photos nigh impossible
  •      - they are truly hardworking, and how on Earth do they clean their legs?
  •      - they disperse when I approach any shrub they are currently "working on", I feel unwelcome
  •      - I don't think they are aware of their ability to pollenate and to make various products someone else profits from. That's some serious copyright violation
  •      - buzzing of bees makes me happy and hyper and want to do something

I played with various settings - a) manual focus to fixed distance, plus higher aperture value or greater depth of field, b) aperture priority was doing what it could and I was trying to focus. Silly bees wouldn't stay in one place!! Surprisingly, I managed to get better shots using the method b.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Conquering Castle Peak

It was supposed to be a quick snowshoeing trip. The trail was very nice but I was already exhausted long before we  made it to the top of  Castle Peak (elev. 9100 ft, elevation gain 1800 ft). There,  I expressed my worries about dark clouds brewing from the South. "Oh yeah, the models predicted some precipitation..." - was my husband's response.
So I didn't get to enjoy my well deserved time on the top. The sky turned very dark and it started snowing heavily. Our hasty descend changed into a blind run on the tricky terrain. Once on the sheltered side of the range I could relax and started taking pictures again. When we returned to the car I was completely burnt out.

Photos here.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday releases at Mscraps

Yup, Friday again. Marked by 20 degree temperature drop. So I'm sitting in my warm office and scrapping with some of new releases. They are plenty of them!

Here is my page made with Alpha Stickers and Quiet Play by Heather T.:

Reading Together

with Cinzia Loosemore's kit - Sweet Spring:

My Sunshine
(GSO at DST)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New layouts

A couple of pages I made, mostly for April challenges at Mscraps:

5 Facts

Love You

and for the Theme Challenge - Wall Art

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quiet Play

I am behind in posting my layouts. We had friends over who were moving from California to Ohio; they were supposed only to stop here and say good bye. Unfortunately, their fully loaded 27 ft long Budget truck was not up to the task of crossing 8000 ft mountains in a speed higher than 10 miles per hour and they were "stranded" in our house for two days while Budget was trying to find new truck for them and reload all the stuff.
Just guess: do you think it's easy to find pro-movers on Saturday? Think twice. Do you think the pro-movers can fit all the stuff you carefully pack into the new truck? Yeah, sure!
Well, as of today, our friends are safely in Nevada with 2000 more miles yet to be covered.

I would like to share my layout I made with a new kit by Heather T., just released at Mscraps: Quiet Play.