Saturday, March 26, 2011

The scare is over

For the past month I really felt like there was something not so good with me - shortness of breath and I didn't like the moles I have all over my body. I just returned from a skin cancer screening and I'm so relieved everything is OK. Being a healthy lifestyle nut I am it gave me a real scare.
So it's time to address the shortness of breath and either accept I'm not so young anymore or get back in the shape.
Treadmill for dinner.  Ok, before dinner.  :-)

Beauty around Grass Valley and Yuba River:

  1. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry you were stressing so hard--really relieved to hear all is well! BIG HUGS!

    And oh my goodness, is that photography nice... =)

  2. oh that is so scary...especially when you feel there might be something!!!! I am so glad the results are good!!!!!! Those pics of the water is awesome!!!!!

  3. Don't scare us like that!! But I know the feeling you get, I have had a needle-core biopsy on a spot in my breast and waiting during that was the hardest! Everything came back fine.


  4. Oh Romy! I'm sorry you went through all that stress but I'm happy everything is OK! Big hugs!!!
    P.S. Wonderful pictures!!!