Friday, February 18, 2011

New ** New ** New

I  know, nobody likes this line flashing from a list of credits of a layout, showing a meaningless, impersonal photo. Don't worry, I don't use it that way!
Nevertheless, I have to share my page here, made with new products from Heather T, available at Mscraps today: Simple paper pack and a set of templates Big Lots.
What suits me perfectly is the freedom I have when using the templates, making them my own.

My husband lovingly calls our daughter his "offspring". She is his copy. She only got the color of her hair and eyes from me. I'm content with that. Here, they are having some fun on our boat. Did I mention we live in a close proximity of a lake? 15 minutes of drive - with a boat in tow or 15 minutes of walk taking a shortcut through the woods. How cool is that? No view though, who would want to watch and listen all day to some noisy vessels?


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