Sunday, February 20, 2011

It rained on the parade

This years Chinese NY Parade in San Francisco was wet and very cold. We came to the city early and  got lost in the Westfield Mall on Market Street taking pictures. To kill time, we decided to go to see the movie Unknown, with Liam Neeson. A good one.

We were lucky to come to the Union Square Park right when the police were closing off the street we came from, so we got a pretty good spot right by the barrier.  Mind you, all other streets were packed. Even though it was dark, Geary Street was well lit with some mega-light because the parade was being covered by a TV right there. My only complain: too many policemen and security people blocking my view. Maybe I should have asked the police to move elsewhere?

My 85 mm f/1.8 was wonderful for this but I made a mistake of shooting in Av mode and camera was giving me quite low shutter speed which wasn't enough for the moving people. So I apologize, some photos are blurry. For the next time - when it's not raining, of course - I will go for shutter speed set to 1/200 or 1/250 and auto ISO.

I especially loved the kids taking part in this, if you are patient, take time to look at their faces.
Credit for the photos is half mine, half my dear husband's, he was shooting with a wide lens and a fish eye. In case I didn't mention it before: his speciality is panoramic and 360ยบ photos.

oh, yes...and the pictures are here.


  1. That is an awesome photo! At first I thought it said you were in NY- and I thought... I'm in NY! Then I realized you meant New Year! lol

  2. Those were lovely, Romy! It's so fun to see new things through your pictures... =)

  3. You are soooo lucky!! I am jealous to you, Romy. I wish I'll be there some day :P