Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year

Let me start my first  post of the year 2010 by wishing lots of happiness, prosperity and health to everyone!!

I took a break from posting, not because my occasional babble would be such a demanding task, lol! We were invited by our friends to spend New Year's Eve in their rental place in Naples, Florida. Where we live, a winter season means quite cold (oh yes!), rainy weather, so we really welcomed this opportunity. The sunny state surprised us with unseasonal chill during the first two days, then showed us its more pleasant face. I was in heaven seeing all the wildlife that at first, I regretted not bringing my 400 mm lens. But then, what good would it be when alligators were sunbathing 6 ft from me, herons and beautiful anhingas paid no heed to me in Everglades NP, for example?

I'm hoping to sort through all the photos soon, so bear with me, please.

  1. Woooow (agin)!Incredibly GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. just stunning photographs! Happy New Year to you too Romy!

  3. That's weird, I could have sworn I left a comment. Can't wait to see the pics--these are beautiful!

  4. oh what amazing photos! Happy New Year to you Romy!