Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feather Falls and unexpected treat

With 650ft drop, the Feather Falls is the sixth-tallest waterfall in US. I hope to take more photos in the spring, after the snowmelt and when the sun is higher, to eliminate the ugly shadow casted by a cliff.

what is left of Lake Oroville:

The gnarled, moss covered trees reminded me of Fangorn Forest from Lord of the Rings and I felt like a little Hobbit there, especially after this sweet discovery: a bunch of edible wild mushroom waiting to be picked just by the trail.
I used to go picking wild mushroom as a kid and those looked very familiar. Nevertheless, I consulted a great and respectable authority in this area: my friend Heather who assured me that I will live long after digesting these. :-)
Thanks, my dear!!

  1. Beautiful photos--love that rock layering! And I bet that was a fragrant ride back... Did you ever cook them?