Sunday, October 10, 2010

4WD trip to the Blue Lakes

Today, we took a trip to the Blue Lakes, south of well known Lake Tahoe in Sierra Mountains, el. 8136 ft. The first time I took my new Canon 7D for a real trip and MINE was the keen eye in the viewfinder!!
Well, except for one photo, gotta give my husband some credit   :-)

DH having lunch

lots of fishermen everywhere, I must erase the couple sitting on the rock

faithful Jeep, this time I didn't mind the bumpy ride (=surprise)

typical me: bickering and bickering and  ...  (for the camera only, of course!)

playing with shutter speed settings

a humorous way how to remind people to keep the area clean (the guy is not real, mind you!)

  1. *snort* I thought he was, for a 1/2 sec! *lol* Gorgeous pictures Romy--*love* the ones of the river!!

  2. Beautiful photos Romy!!! Loved looking at them! Nice camera too girlfirend!!! Wahoo!!!