Friday, August 20, 2010

Incredible Yellowstone

It was a very long trip (drive) from California to Wyoming. Yellowstone NP, Grand Teton NP, Craters of the Moon NPreserve, Crater Lake NP, Lassen NP - all in 7 days.
We hiked, we swam, we were freezing... all totally worth it, especially Yellowstone is magnificent with all the pools and geysers and holes.

We had several "closed encounters" with wildlife:
 - a coyote sniffing my husbands head from the outside of our tent
 - a black bear - 5 yards from me
 - a bison eating by the road - 3 yards, and some others also pretty close
 - moose - 7 yards from us ....this was the most funny story:  my DH was so concentrated on taking a photo of a tiny flower and he totally missed those huge towering things - their antlers or rather big shovels -  sticking out of some green undergrowth almost next to him. They didn't move, just kept looking at us...

The bear was a somewhat scary experience because first, he ignored other people around watching him and suddenly decided to cross the road and for a moment it looked like he was running towards me and my son, wheew!!

Next time I'll try to book a lodge in advance...
Photos here.
  1. Fantastic pics Romy--thanks so much for sharing!