Sunday, May 9, 2010

The iNSD weekend was fun, whohooo Mscraps!!

It was a total BLAST at Mscraps during iNSD weekend!! Coincidentally, it was my birthday on Friday so in fact, I got to celebrate it for 3 days, how fabulous is that?! I got RAKed several times, won some challenge....lucky me, yey!!!
I participated in some of the games and challenges. Here is my problem: I can't scrap under a pressure!!!! So no speed-scrap or scrap-chain for me. I like to take my time, gotta choose the "right" paper and elements...nice and easy....
Nevertheless, I did try some of the challenges and here are the results:

I'm really not a "clusterer", this one was for "Guessing Suzie's Page" ( :-))) ) challenge, her original one was much better though... :-))
1992, 35mm B/W negative film - anybody remembers those?
credits here.

Lift a CT page challenge:
credits here. I lifted Resolution by joshi_82.

For a May challenge, I re-did my very first scrap-page, here is the result:
credits here
and the original:

Lastly, my take for Vinnie Pearce's challenge Lift This at 2Peas in a Bucket which I won, yey!
credits here. I lifted paper page Beauty by Jen Davis.