Sunday, April 4, 2010

San Franciso Bay in the morning

Barbora ( our daugther) decided to devote her Sundays to volunteering at a marine mammal rescue center in Sausalito, near San Francisco, as her senior project. It's a 2 hour drive and she starts at 7 am!!
Last week we decided to drive her there. The waking up was killing me but we got to see SF Bay in the morning, which was absolutely amazing!!

Later, we drove to Point Reyes, one of our favorite destinations, too bad it's about 3 hours from were we live. ( the Sacramento area). It's beautiful, pristine and somewhat harsh region north from San Franciso.
So while Barbora was cleaning fish, making fish mush and assisting at seal pups cots, we watched grey whales migrating back to Alaskan waters from the lighthouse, tasting oysters at an oyster farm - the freshest possible you can have - and walking by the shore.

Try 360ยบ view (click and drag to rotate):

Yeah, that's little me munching on a granola bar...

The picture in the layout is from our January hike at Point Reyes, different tip of the peninsula. The falls are hidden from the main trail - truly a gem!

the credits: at my Designer Digitals Gallery
  1. WOW Awsum!! Superb work! I am in love with this!!!