Monday, March 1, 2010

New Layouts at Two Peas In a Bucket

The first layout: our son Jakub in 1992. We loved taking kids to this huge grass field, originally an airfield ( doesn't exist anymore), they practically learned to walk there.

The second page - 15-year jump in time - Jakub in Death Valley, CA. 
Almost everybody who comes to California wants to experience it. I really don't know why. Usually, you don't mind the heat outside, you don't sweat. It is back in the car when you start feeling it. It was about 125ºF, but J-man is a toughie.

Little Bug
Anna Aspnes
photomask: Layered Fotoblendz No4
overlay: Artplay Palette 4
paper scraps: Artplay Palette 10, Passionaire, Mama
leaf: Artplay Palette Fall
Katie Pertiet
papers: Alandia, Destination Seaside 2
overlays: Roughed Up Krafty No2, Messed Up Overlays No2
date stamp: Stamped Years No1
Jesse Edwards
alpha tile: from Neutrals Solids 2
Catherine Designs
hearts: R-C23
Christina Renee
butterfly: Flutterfies

Death Valley
Anna Aspnes

overlay: Potpourrie Paperie 1
brushes: Arplay Palette 4, 8, 10, Passionaire
mask: Artplay Palette 10

Katie Pertiet
blended papers: Alandia
mask: Filmed Photomasks No2
frame: Proof Sheet Frames No2
alpha: Metal Type Cast Alpha

Michelle Martin
Paper: Colbie

My third page is a lift of Vilna's page Love and Laughter at 2 Peas in a Bucket. Those beautiful sunset pictures ( of Barbora, a.k.a. Bella) were taken in Berkeley, during our trip to San Francisco.

Vinnie Pearce
brushwork: Distressed Brush Set
flower, lace paper, little tape: Placid
everything else: Pieces of Me III