Monday, February 22, 2010

This Mess

my little mischief makers in action: look at the young lady's "innocent" expression...
credits (all Designer Digitals):
Anna Aspnes
stitch: Artplay Palette 2

Jesse Edwards
scrap papers, arrows, tab: Wildflowers, Chocolate Lover, Falling All Over

Katie Pertiet
paper: Roughed Up Krafty No2
brush: Spot Dots No2
paper overlay: Messed Up Overlays No2
fabric edge: Fabric Swatches No2
tabs: Vintage Journal Spots No1
alpha: Mixed Stamped Alpha

Mindy Terasawa
background paper, ribbon, alpha: Sunchase

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jeep Story

My DD drives Jeep Wrangler, 4x4, Rubicon, color: Sunburst Orange.
The same car as in a Jeep commercial. A must see.
The original words from the commercial are:
i live. i ride. i am.  Jeep
I changed slightly those... :-)
Funny thing: she didn't like the car that much, but after seeing that video, she changed her mind!

I tried two different ways of playing with the photos and this is what happens if someone likes orange color too much:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Check this out!

It was her last page in the Designer Digitals gallery that made me wanna look at her layouts and boy, my jaw just dropped!! I am in total awe!!  whatnext's DD gallery

Here are some of her very personal, inspiring pages:

Monday, February 15, 2010

My latest page

This photo was taken on the balcony of our apartment. I had to clean it a lot and remove some unwanted objects in the background. I love this picture, I'm holding my favorite doll and my sister had hers in her mouth. Christina Renee's glass frame is just perfect for this.
Credits: Anna Aspnes - Fotoblendz 02, 03, Artplay Palette 04, Floral Brush Set 01, Curvy Corner Stitches
              Jesse Edwards: Black Tie Affair paper pack
              Michelle Martin: Colbie papers
              Katie Pertiet: Pieced Together papers
              Christina Renee: Glass Negatives, Sassy Lace
              Ptitesouris: 26 Avril 1977
              HeatherT: Darling
              Vinnie Pearce: My Sister

Boys are back!

Anna hummingbird's winter territory does include California but usually I can see only a couple of them per day. About two weeks ago, they started to come in huge numbers and I can't keep up and make enough of the nectar for them - little suckers!
I took out the camera and shot about 80 pictures - about 5 of them are good. It's impossible to focus right, they just won't stay in one place for long enough!!!
Anyway, here are some of the photos:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

(R) C23

A love Catherine Paturet's kits. Period. When she paired-up again with  Dawn Vander Stoep ( Createwings Designs) to re-create their kit collab C23, I didn't have to think twice.  I only used the C23 in one layout only but I want to do more! It makes me want to add vintage looking figures with wing and crowns or felt houses everywhere!!

The original C23:

new R-C23

Spring is here (?)

Today was a gorgeous day, perfect for Valentine's Day. I was enjoying the sunshine in the garden, it was 68ºF and it's only mid-February!


credits: Vinnie Pearce
papers: Reflections, Wishes And Dreams, Pieces of Me 1 & 2, Cats Lover, Art Corner 2, Bloom ( some recolored )
flower: Reflections, button: Wishes And Dreams

It is time to address my problem.

No need to see a specialist. I just know. To state the fact: I am an addict.
There is no cure.
Known symptoms include: -
  • photos on my desk
  • hours spent browsing galleries
  • dishes in the sink
  • several open windows (computer) with unfinished layouts
  • no grocery shopping done (sometimes)
  • photos on the floor
  • I'd rather not talk about money spent for digital kits...
I'm addicted to digital scrapping. And it makes me extremely happy.

It all started by my recent trips down the memory lane. I was buying vintage picture frames almost in bulk, then I realized: there is not enough of tables and shelfs for those!
Second major factor was my twins' upcoming 18th birthday and my desire to sum-up theirs 18 years of life with us and then to send them somewhere to start lives on their own...... just kidding!

Maybe I had certain aptness - given my singing career ( lead alto in a choir, singing competitions, etc) and my not-so-bad drawing skills - maybe not.
But I always admired art and nice things around ...

After four months of learning and scrapping, I found my home at Pixel Canvas, a store created by Vinnie Pearce. A beautiful, warm place full of inspiration and encouragement, and a great community.
PC is closing today. Hopefully, this wonderful bunch of other addicts will stay together and keep nourishing this addiction.

My first Pixel Canvas layout - Honey
Barbora - our daughter enjoys greek speciality: yogurt with honey.
Vinnie Pearce
Pieces of Me: papers, elements
Timeout: scratched background

Some of my "before Pixel Canvas" pages:

et designs:  Sensation
- alphas: SussieM - Take Me to the Old World
                 Shabby Miss Jenn  - Spiced Apple collab

Winter Greetings
papers: Damayanti - Frosty freebie (Sunflower Scrap); Dido Designs - Smell of Christmas (A5D); Shelly Marie Scraps - Autumn Twilight collab (SAS);
stamps: Joyce Paul - Simplicity; NLD Live to Love (SPD); Damayanti - Follow Your Dream; Bisontine - Chic Alors (digi-crea);
flowers: Joyce Paul - Sheer Elegance; Dinskip - Spice-up Your Life (The Digichick); Cathy Cher - Autumn Twilight 

Follow Your Dream
Credits: Damayanti Follow Your Dream